9 Best News Aggregators of 2019

For some people, along with food, shelter, and home, the news is also one of the most basic and most primary necessity. They can’t do without it. Don’t worry; you don’t have to wait for the newspaper to arrive now. Just download some of the wonderful apps and get to know about entertainment, sports, political and other news.

 You must have heard of news aggregators, what do they do? They collect content from several sources, and then they present it to a single location. It can be easily viewed from there. It is used daily by millions of people. Stay connected with the world.

  • Pocket

It is indeed one of the best applications where one can save their favorite news articles. It will show you articles that are based on your own interest. It is a fantastic way where you can bookmark and manage articles list. You can even find stories here. Just choose the recommended links and explore them. You will find many articles that are trending.

  • Flipboard

It is very popular because of its layout, that is of a magazine style. It is available through the web browsers or on the Android and iOS. Users can take the content from social media and the news source. It will be presented as a digital magazine. Users can select numerous exciting topics.

  • Google News

Google News drags out several articles from the news sources that have credibility. With Google news, users get the option to create personal briefing that is known for providing updates in brief. You can even get full coverage regarding a topic with several perspectives. With Google, it is easy to get a subscription of magazines and newspapers. Just a simple click and get the publications you admire.

  • Fark

Who doesn’t like humor, everyone does. It is a good place where you can find news in abundance. It has been set up by Drew Curtis, for submitting news to the websites regularly. On the homepage itself, you will get more than 100 links, with categorization like Creepy, Ironic, and Florida. It is broken up in various tabs further namely Politics, Sports and Entertainment and much more. The only issue regarding this app is that it isn’t available for Android now.

  • Apple News

Users need not download this app as it is already loaded on each iOS device. It is an excellent spot to begin if you own an iPad or iPhone. The app will be featuring a beautiful format with some of the photography. Articles are well optimized for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Readers will surely get a good experience of reading. Apple news provides big news selection.

  • AP News

There are many news outlets with their applications of mobile. AP news is that place where you will get facts. It is an independent news cooperative that provides content to several outlets. It has won several prizes since its establishment. Users will not need the find the app in an excellent form; it will be straightforward, readable and in a clean format.

  • Reddit

It has got a reputation where you will get some amazing as well as some terrible internet content. If you want to see a mixture of memes, and stories then go for Reddit. 

  • SmartNews

If you are one of those who continually struggles with slower connections issue, then SmartNews will be a gift of God to them.  It analyses millions of articles per day so that it can deliver top trending news stories from everywhere possible. The interface of the app will be colorful yet straightforward with a Smartview promising to increase reading ability. It is indeed an excellent option for people with slow net connections.

  • Inoreader

It provides articles translation that is good for people who are engaged in reading about international news. It has got several free plans for the users where the user gets unlimited news feeds. Users will get a day and night reading mode also. They can even save their liked articles to apps such as Evernote.

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