How to Connect Amazon Echo and Alexa to Wi-Fi

In case you have bought a new Amazon Echo or Alexa device and have plugged the device in, then you need to connect the Amazon Echo and Alexa device to the Wi-Fi network. The users have to put the purchased device online by pairing it to the Wi-Fi. They should have their Wi-Fi username and registered password in hand. After that, they have to follow the steps given below to connect Amazon Echo and Alexa to Wi-Fi.

Steps to Connect the Alexa Device to Wi-Fi

Make sure that you have already gone through the downloading and installing procedure of Alexa application. In case you have not, then download and install the Alexa application by going to the “App Store” for iOS and visit “Google Play” for Android. Go through the steps listed below to connect the Alexa Device to Wi-Fi:

•    Type the “Amazon account” email address and registered password.

•    After that, click on the “Log In” button.

•    Choose the “name” which is linked with the “Amazon account” given on the list shown on the screen.

•    Additionally, select “I’m someone else and enter the correct name” option.

•    You will get the option of permitting the permission to the “Amazon” so that it can check the “Contacts” and send notifications of the Amazon account.

•    It is not compulsory to pair the Alexa device with the Wi-Fi, so you can choose the options which are “Later” or “Allow” which depends on the person first choice.

•    Click on the “Alexa” pull-down menu option, it resembles the “Three horizontal lines” and it is given in the top left side of the screen. After the pull-down menu shows on the screen, choose the “Settings” tab.

•    Click on the “Add New Device” option.

•    After that, select the suitable device by going to the list showing on the screen such as “Echo”, “Echo Dot”, ” Echo Plus”

•    You need to click on any particular device mentioned below.

•    Select the particular device model which the users wish to setup like “Echo Dot 2nd Generation” model.

•    Place the “Alexa Device” in the power socket and let it show the suitable signifier that will be described in the application.

•    In case the Alexa device is placed in, then the users have to click on the “Action” option.

•    Just take an example, in case the users are going through the procedure of setting up the “Echo”, then its light blink on the upper side of the device which will change into the carroty color.

•    After they determine that the device can start the procedure, then they have to choose the “Continue” option.

•    It all depends on the device; the application will show the option for pairing the device through the iPhone or Android wireless settings.

•    In case they wish to do the above-mentioned procedure, then go through the guidelines given to pairing the device by using the Wi-Fi to a modified title which is “Amazon network.”

•    After the smartphone gets paired to the device, then the users will get the verification text and after, the application will get a transfer on the next window.

•    You will get the verification text which showing “Connected to the device.”

•    After that, click on the “Continue” button.

•    The entire available network will display as a list on the screen.

•    Choose the preferred Wi-Fi network which the users like to connect the Alexa device and after that type the Wi-Fi password.

•    Now, the application will display the text “Preparing your device” on the screen.

•    Once the Wi-Fi network gets connected to the device, they will see a text indicating that “Your device is now online.”

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