How To Format A MacBook Pro?

Make your MacBook work better by reformatting it

If you are fed up with your slow MacBook Pro because it is old, then one of the steps that should be taken by you is reformatting the MacBook.

Remember! You should do a backup before reformatting a MacBook Pro as it deletes every data on the system.

The method of reformatting a MacBook Pro

This process shall delete everything from your device, removing even the things that are creating a problem on your system as well. After the reformatting gets over, you can easily install a new version of macOS. Follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, enable or restart the MacBook Pro.
  2. After you listen to the startup voice, press the combination of Command+R.
  3. Then, have a look on macOS Utilities.
  4. Next, press Disk Utility.
  5. After that, click on Continue.
  6. Then, select the Startup disk. By default, it is known as Macintosh HD.
  7. Next, press Erase.
  8. Put the name of the file that shall get erased.
  9. Select the Format.
  10. Then, have a look whether the scheme is getting displayed, press GUID Partition Map.
  11. After that, press on Erase. Support the process to get over.
  12. Lastly, press on the Quit Disk Utility. You shall get it from the Disk Utility Menu. It shall be towards the rightward corner of the display in the beginning itself.

The method of doing an installation of the Macintosh operating system

It is worth noting that you must be connected to the internet for completing the macOS installation. The MacBook Pro shall remind you to connect to Wi-Fi so that you are able to complete the process.

  1. Firstly, restart the MacBook Pro.
  2. After listening to the startup voice, press the combination Command+R together.
  3. Then, Press on Reinstall macOS or Reinstall OS X.
  4. Next, press on Continue.
  5. Press the hard drive. By default, it is known as ‘Macintosh HD’.
  6. Press on Install. Note that this shall reinstall the newer macOS version of PC.
  7. After that installation got over, the MacBook Pro shall be able to restart on itself and bring you to setup assistant.
  8. Then, set the reformatted MacBook Pro. For instance, you shall be able to move saved data on an external hard drive or flash drive again to PC.

Hope you have been able to format your MacBook Pro after following this blog step by step.

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