How to protect and manage True Key Password?

To ensure continuous protection of McAfee security, it is recommended to update the program and turn-on the notifications to get the latest offers, or to make necessary changes as per the situation demands. Also, you can choose to save your access passwords within the true key password protection to make them stay safe and easily accessible.

Repercussions of losing your True Key Password

With the enormity of passwords that we all have to remember for the eternity of our life, it’s very common to have them slipped out of our mind so often. However, the case with True Key Password is different – if you lost it, you will lose everything, as you won’t be able to retrieve other passwords locked in your true key.

True Key Password

To get rid of this breath-taking issue, follow any of the two following processes and pray it works.

Change your True Key Master Password

People tend to create passwords that comprise complex numbers and characters that are difficult to predict by others. They also refrain to store it on cloud either due to the emerging fear of getting it stolen by cybercriminals. However, due to the complexity of password, they might just get it slipped out of mind at the time of greatest need. To avoid such things to happen, they might try to change the password to keep it memorable for long.

Apply this method to modify your Master Password, but that is possible only if you are still unable to login to True Key:

  • Login in to True Key
  • Move your cursor to the top right and click the user icon to have a look at your Profile.
  • Go to the “My Factors screen”, then press the “Edit” tab located next to Change Master Password.
  • Enter your existing Master Password, and then choose and type your new password that is easy to recall
  • Retype your new Master key password for confirmation purpose
  • Press the “Change Password” button

The Master Password Changed message tells you that your password change was successful.

Reset Your True Key Master Password

Use this method, if you locked out of True Key and are unable to log in.

In case, you forgot your original Master key Password, or your Master password becomes unable to be identified, you may not be able to login to your true key, then you must follow the steps to reset your password.

The Forgot Master Password option only works if both of the following are true:

  1. Make sure to have your Master Password reset option enabled in the Profile preferences on True Key.
  2. You have configured at least two additional authentication factors, or alternative ways of signing into True Key, such as:
  • Email
  • Second device
  • Fingerprint

NOTE: Make sure to run the process of Password resetting through a Trusted device. A device is only trusted if you’ve previously added it as a Trusted device to your True Key Profile. It helps you prevent unauthorized access to your account via unknown devices outside of your knowledge.

In the End

If any of the above-mentioned processes are not working as expected, or you are having difficulty following the processes, make sure to contact Technical Support for assistance.

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